We recognize that the undocumented path can often be lonely and unsafe. You are not alone.


    FAIR! is a safe space for undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander people and their allies to come together to make positive change for the community and families. FAIR! is a project of 21 Progress, a leading organization for immigration rights for youth and families. Together with bravery, hope, and solidarity, we can build power, strengthen our communities, and support one another. We do this in the hopes that someday we can be fearless. 


    FAIR! seeks to increase application rates of undocumented Asian and Pacific Islanders applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in the state of Washington. Through this work we help undocumented API youth keep their families together, pursue education opportunities, and advance their careers. 



    All outreach and support is safe, confidential and experienced. Contact us now to learn more (206) 578-1255. 



    Support Undocumented APIs

    Empowering undocumented Asians and Pacific Islanders through safe, confidential and professional resource sharing, leadership building, strategic organizing, and culturally competent hands-on outreach. Through this work we help undocumented API youth keep their families together, pursue education opportunities, and advance their careers.

    Raise Awareness

    We offer workshops and trainings custom built to cover a wide range of topics, such as: anti-API-immigration policies, rights of undocumented peoples, the undocumented movement, local API specific DACA resources, challenging stereotypes about undocumented immigrants. Workshops are designed for students, teachers, human service agencies, and faith-based and community organizations. Workshops are designed to be culturally sensitive, and offers a unique API lens.

    Engage the Community

    Connecting institutions, agencies and organizations throughout Washington State with the resources and tools needed to address the needs of undocumented APIs within their communities. 

    All communication is safe, confidential and professional. 


    Marissa Vichayapai

    API DACA WA State Outreach Coordinator

    FAIR! Organizing Director

    Marissa is a first generation Thai American and passionate about community work, immigration reform, cultural identity building and social activism. Marissa is the Programs Director for 21 Progress, a leading organization for immigration rights, education opportunities, and leadership development for youth and families. 21 Progress has served over 300 undocumented families in WA State.


    She received her BA as well as her Masters in Social Work at the University of Washington.


    Marissa speaks Thai and English, and can say hello in over 10 different languages. She has traveled extensively through Southeast Asia, Central, and South America.


    Contact Marissa

    All communication is safe, confidential and professional.

    JoLee Melink

    FAIR! Advocate

    JoLee was born in China, adopted at 10 months old, and grew up in Longview, WA. Her curiosity and passion for social justice issues are the driving force behind pursuing dual majors in both Social Welfare and American Ethnic Studies, as well as her active service around the University of Washington community. During her time at UW, JoLee has held a student assistant position at the Carlson Center and has been involved with both the Center for 21st Century Liberal Arts Learning Fellowship and with the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.


    JoLee enjoys spending her free time serving her community via projects through Alpha Phi Omega and in various organizations around Seattle. She also enjoys spending time with friends, hiking, and seeking out good food and adventure.


    Contact JoLee

    All communication is safe, confidential and professional.


    Contact FAIR! to learn more and be directly connected to the following resources.

    Are you eligble for DACA? Schedule a free screening with a FAIR! advicate call 206-578-1255 or email info@itshouldbefair.com

    Or download the Pocket DACA app to for free screening on your phone. CLICK HERE to download.

    Pocket DACA: bit.ly/pocketdaca21p






    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provides certain undocumented people with protection from deportation, a work permit, social security number, driver's license and other benefits.

    Discover more about DACA by clicking below:


    General Information:

    English | Chinese | Tagalog | Korean | Vietnamese

    Frequently Asked Questions about DACA:

    Chinese | Tagalog | Korean | Vietnamese

    Filing Tips for DACA:

    Chinese | Tagalog | Korean | Vietnamese


    NWIRP's Legal Clinics provide free assistance for DACA application

    Schedule an appointment by calling 206-587-4009


    Have your DACA application reviewed by trained and professional lawyers by scheduling an appointment for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project's DACA Legal Clinics. Clinics take place once a week in Seattle and Redmond. They are free and by appointment only. Learn more: www.nwirp.org


    0% interest loan to pay for DACA fee

    Sign up for a workshop online or by calling 206-829-8382


    In partnership with Express Credit Union, 21 Progress offers a 0% interest loan to cover the cost of the DACA application fee. Interested applicants should sign-up for a Build Your Dream Workshop or call 206-829-8382. Learn more: www.21progress.org/byd


    What is DAPA & ExDACA?

    Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and ExDACA are proposed programs (not yet enrolling applicants). Benefits are similar to DACA. If you are not eligible for DACA, you might be eligible for DAPA or ExDACA

    Learn more by clicking below:

    What is DAPA?


    What is Expanded DACA?


    Court Ruling on DAPA & ExDACA:

    English | Chinese | Korean | Vietnamese

    Sign up and a FAIR! advocate will contact you to provide free, secure, confidential and professional assistance with your DACA needs.

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    All services are free, confidential, professional and secure. Your information will be safely stored and kept private.



    $465 scholarship for Asian and Pacific Islanders to pay for their DACA application fee

    Apply Now


    Learn more about the scholarship here.


    API DACA Flyers 

    Click below to download flyers about DACA in English, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese (Punjabi coming soon).


    Chinese: Poster | Half-sheets


    English: Poster | Half-sheets

    Hindi: Poster | Half-sheets

    Korean: Poster | Half-sheets

    Tagalog: Poster | Half-sheets

    Vietnamese: Poster | Half-sheets


    DACA Renewal

    VIDEOS about how to renew your DACA! Click the language below to watch.

    Click below to check out videos:

    English | Cantonese | Mandarin | Thai | Korean | Spanish |





    All communication is safe, confidential and professional. 


    Select collection of published articles, media mentions and blog posts 

    Korean Daily Blog

    Korean Daily Blog

    October 27, 2016


    This is a weekly blog which provides articles and news about DACA program in Korean. This blog is provided by one of our candidates.



    Click here to read article

    Qualified Undocumented Candidates, Apply for DACA!

    Seattle Chinese Times

    October 20 , 2016


    DACA program is still available for those qualified candidates.



    Link to come

    Undocumented Koreans, Apply for DACA

    Korean Daily

    July 14, 2016

    한인 서류미비자 DACA 신청을


    Click here to read article

    Community gathers to share stories of undocumented APIs

    International Examiner

    Border Patrol & Support For Immigrants

    The North American Post

    Undocumented APIs already with us, more dialogue needed

    International Examiner

    April 8, 2016


    Due to both the stigma of being undocumented as well as the assumption that being undocumented doesn't affect the API community, many undocumented people in the API community may feel like they are not being seen or heard. Undocumented APIs are diverse, just like the rest of the API community. There needs to be more dialogue about what it means to be undocumented in order to deconstruct the negative stigma around that status.



    Click here to read article

    Resources for Undocumented Koreans at Health Fair

    The Korean Daily

    October 20, 2015


    At a Korean Health Fair where locals come to gather resources, check their blood pressure, and navigate their options FAIR! - Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform was also there to provide free DACA screenings and share information.  


    “한인불체자 무료로 추방 유예 도와요” 

    Korea Daily Seattle

    September 15, 2015


    ‘21 Progress', 추방 유예 DACA와 DAPA 프로그램 신청 받아
    노동허가, 소시얼 시큐리티 번호, 추방 유예, 운전면허 취득



    Click here to read article

    Helping historically hidden communities — State of undocumented APIs three years after DACA

    Northwest Asian Weekly

    September 4, 2015


    Three years after the start of Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA), a federal program which provides certain undocumented immigrants protection from deportation, a social security number, a work permit, and other benefits, enrollment of eligible Asians and Pacific Islanders continue to be disproportionally low, while gaps in services and knowledge remain high.



    Click here to read article

    Announcement: FAIR! DACA Scholarship

    21 Progress Blog

    July 19, 2015


    The It Should Be FAIR! DACA Scholarship is a monthly award given to three chosen individuals. The scholarship is designed for first-time Asian and Pacific Islanders who are eligible and ready to submit their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) application, but has not done so yet. With the support of FAIR!, all awardees are expected to submit their application within seven days upon receiving funding. If you’re thinking about DACA, and unsure if you qualify or should apply, contact info@ItShouldBeFAIR.com to connect with someone who can help you start on the application process.



    For info on how to apply, visit http://21progress.org/fairscholarship.

    FAIR! for Undocumented Asian & Pacific Islanders

    Seattle Chinese Post

    July 2015


    New campaign to help undocumented Asians and pacific Islanders, a resource for Seattle's Chinese community. 


    DACA forum reaches out to Seattle Tongan community

    International Examiner 

    July 19, 2015


    Seattle’s Tongan community gathered for an informational forum conducted at the 9th Avenue SW United Methodist Church in Seattle on Saturday July 11. Tonga is a Polynesian sovereign state made up of more than 170 islands in the South Pacific. Hosted by 21 Progress and its program Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform (FAIR!)



    Click here to read article 

    Announcement: Upcoming Events for Undocumented Immigrants

    International Examiner 

    July 17, 2015

    Opportunity Collaboration brings together nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to move together towards poverty alleviation. With Kip's help, Opportunity Collaboration's Facebook reach grew by up to 700 percent.

    Undocumented APIs No Longer Alone In Struggle, FAIR! Campaign Uncovers Undocumented Immigrant Stories

    International Examiner

    July 15, 2015


    Two stories, one of an undocumented Chinese American and the other of an undocumented Tongan American. They share their narrative and the need for more support and resources for undocumented APIs. 



    Click here to read the article

    FAIR! Advocates for Undocumented APIs

    International Examiner 

    June 17, 2015


    Marissa Vichayapai is 21 Progress’ Asian & Pacific Islander DACA WA State Coordinator and FAIR! Organizing Director. She spoke with the International Examiner about how the API community needs to bring to the forefront a dialogue on DACA and undocumented APIs.



    Click here to read article


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