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Texas judge blocks Obama's 2014 Deferred Actions, but all is not lost. Info graphs in English, Chinese and Korean.

Many questions and concerns have risen after the ruling by Texas judge, Andrew Hanen, which temporarily delays the expansion of DACA and DAPA program. While this ruling is an unfortunate setback, it is important to note that this is only temporary.

Here is why:

  1. The law is on our side. This ruling has no legal merit. It is poorly argued, weak and biased. Many Presidents have used executive action in the past and it is fully within Obama’s right to implement the DACA expansion and DAPA program.
  2. Leaders are on our side. The Washington Attorney General and 11 other states have all united on this issue and there is confidence that higher courts will support upholding the DACA expansion.
  3. Public opinion is on our side. The public has been, and still continues to show strong support for this policy.
  4. The Movement is strong. Activist, organizers and supporters on the ground are continuing to fight hard and push back.

Where do we go from here?

For DACA Expansion or DAPA applicants: 

Continue to prepare your applications. Collect evidence, gather needed documents, consult with lawyers, save money for the application fee, and go to your local community organizations and attorneys for help.

For first time or renewing DACA applicants: 

Continue to apply to the DACA program or for a renewal. This ruling does not affect applicants of the original DACA program.

For supporters, advocates, and allies:

Continue fighting and stay focused. Remember, we have made huge strides and this setback is just a small speed bump on the road to comprehensive immigration reform.

Below are info graphs from our friends, ASPIRE and iAmerica about the injunction in English, Chinese and Korean.
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