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Videos Featuring Undocumented Asians

Selection of videos that give voice to some of the experiences and struggles undocumented Asian and Pacific Islanders face in the United States.

“Why We Rise”

“Why We Rise” is an intimate exploration of what it means to be Asian and undocumented in the United States. Through the stories of three undocumented Asian New Yorkers, this documentary demonstrates the disheartening situation of many young people whose success is limited by their undocumented status. At the same time, it offers hope as these activists work to change the future. (13 minutes)


This feature-length documentary presents the story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Filipino activist Jose Antonio Vargas, who came out as undocumented in 2011. “Documented” is a personal, touching account of the political and emotional challenges undocumented immigrants face, as well as the sacrifices that families make to give their children better lives. (86 minutes)

“Only for a Moment”

“Only for a Moment” is a spoken word piece that highlights the challenges of living undocumented without access to healthcare. This piece was written and performed by Akiko, a DACA applicant and a member of Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education (ASPIRE). (4 minutes)

“Living Undocumented”

This short documentary offers a more general look at the experiences of diverse undocumented students, dispelling the many inaccurate myths and stereotypes surrounding the race, class, educational attainment, and societal contributions of undocumented people. (18 minutes)

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